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    At Fusion, we recognize the emotional impact created in a well designed space. That memorable effect is something the building and design community strives for; having even the smallest details mesh, and all finish materials harmonize in color and form. The degree to which this goal of balance and details in interior design is achieved can be the difference between a truly memorable space and an easily forgotten one.

    At conception, Fusion Hardware Group based itself on the following premise; Assist designers in achieving a well designed interior space. We accomplish this by focusing on interior design trends and providing an array of decorative “hard metal surfaces” such as door hardware, cabinet hardware and bath accessories to suit varied design schemes. All our products are created to help coordinate that “perfect” look. Fusion not only melds key components within a room, but also translates new or existing relevant interior design themes into decorative products through mediums previously never attempted in concept or execution. Our focus on unique design trends, interior space coordination and constant visual experimentation results in the most extensive design coordinated product offering in the industry today.

    Residential and building design is in constant evolution, and at Fusion Hardware Group, we stay close to the market; capturing any emerging trends. We are committed to move with those changes as they present themselves. As eclecticism emerges and “coordination” stretches into “complimentary”, we continue to strive to assist the designer to harmonize the environment with the finest materials and design visuals available. Our more focused approach to Decorative Door Hardware and Accessory appointments is driven by continual design evolution. Our goal is to assist you in your decorating aspirations, and provide those finish elements that contribute to the collective whole of your design intent; making that completed space truly memorable.


    Fusion Hardware products are available by special order only.

    Special Orders

    Please note that special orders normally require a 4-6 week lead time. We will refine the delivery timeline with you once manufacturer availability is confirmed.
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